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Asmi Diamond Jewellery Gift Voucher
Asmi Diamond Jewellery Gift Voucher

Asmi Diamond Jewellery Gift Voucher

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Rs.1,000.00 Rs.40.00 Rs.960.00  

Asmi Diamond Jewelry Gift Voucher ? A Gift for the Empowered Woman of Today

The brand ?Asmi? was established in 2002 by the Diamond Trading Company (DTC), which was later taken over by the Gitanjali Group. Gitanjali Group is the largest, branded integrated jewelry manufacturer and retailer in the world and its services range across an extensive value chain of diamond sourcing, polishing, cutting, distributions, manufacturing jewelry, branding, and retailing diamond and gold jewelry in India and globally. A Gitanjali Group venture, Asmi is the jewelry for the modern, stylish woman of today, who celebrates her new bound social and economic independence.

Asmi diamond jewelry caters to the modern women of substance, satisfying her innate needs for self expression, satiating her rewards and recognition, and evolving to meet her distinct style and personality. Every piece of art is meticulously crafted to give a feminine look and contemporary delicate appeal that is evocative of grace and strength. Asmi is for the ?woman of spirit,? which rightly makes it the perfect gift for that empowered woman of today.

Make that beautiful woman in your life feel special and satiated with Asmi diamond jewelry gift vouchers. Buy the gift cards for any amount and allow them to explore the world of diamond pendants, earrings, necklace, nosepin, ladies ring, tanmaniya with chain, and bracelets.     

1. Asmi Gift Voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of issue.
2. Asmi Diamond and Lifestyle Currency is valid only on Diamond Jewellery and lifestyle products.
3. This Gift Voucher is not valid on Solitaire, DER, Forever Mark, Polki, Gold Coin and Gold Jewellery.
4. This Gift Voucher must be redeemed in full, partial redemption is not allowed. If you shop for more than the voucher value, the difference amount will have to be paid via any available mode of payment.
5. At the time of redeeming this Gift Voucher , no other offers/schemes can be clubbed with the purchase.
6. This Gift Voucher is not valid without authorized signature, hologram, and company seal.
7. Mutilated or defaced Gift Voucher will not be honored. Asmi shall honor only genuine vouchers and its
decision on the same shall be final.
8. No cash will be refunded/ Credit Note issued for part utilization of this Gift Voucher.
9. Any exchange by a bearer will be considered a valid discharge of the company’s liability.
10. Asmi reserves the right to add, alter, or modify, all or any of these terms and conditions, without prior notice.